Photo Blog: Where women lead, women win!

Photo Blog: Where women lead, women win!

This photoblog is centred on the topic: where women lead, women win! Turn the Bus is also conceptualised, founded and led by a woman.

Research show that in contexts where women are in positions of power, other girls and women tend to do better, as they have less burden of gender based roles like household chores, etc. A JPAL research study (1) found that villages with women leaders in the local Panchayats had a higher percentage of female adolescents studying beyond secondary schools. The Women's Education Project in India (2) also proves this in their program to empower women, where their partner NGOs empower young, vulnerable women, (ages 16-24) with vocational and capacity building education- all with the support of fellow women peers, mentors and female role models. Even in Turn the Bus, besides our leader, we harness the power and passion of a network of 10 million women- JEEViKA didis, to bring access to quality education to the most vulnerable girl children in Bihar.

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