Going beyond the call of duty

Turn the Bus aims to leverage the potential of smartphones and mobile internet to reduce income inequality by reducing educational inequality.

High school students in rural Bihar gain access to BSEB curricular and livelihood related content through our EdTech app, “Turn the Bus” that would lead them to create better livelihood opportunities for themselves.

Our partnership with JEEViKa has helped us reach thousands of high school students in Bihar. JEEViKa finds fuel from a strong network of local community members such as the Social Development Members (SDMs), Area Coordinators (ACs) and JEEViKa Didis. The picture in focus is from one of the enrollment drives organized in Bihar in 2021. The SDMs in each district encouraged and guided the students to download the app and register to access the content. 

Our efforts are not just directed towards creating content but also to make students aware of the opportunities and provide access to learning resources.

Turn The Bus

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