Education for livelihood or human dignity?

The dictionary describes Education as the act of teaching knowledge to others and the act of receiving knowledge from someone else. Education also refers to the knowledge received through schooling or instruction and to the institution of teaching as a whole.

Some Commonly Used Apps for Education in India

Online learning platforms have witnessed significant growth in the last few years. These online apps have made education easier, affordable and available to all; offering a variety of courses for students. 

The Pandemic Has Affected The Girl Child’s Education More, Leading To The Alarming Dropout Rates

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected education in innumerable ways, leading to the advancement in the school dropout rate in India. The increase in unemployment since the pandemic has driven parents to prioritise survival instead of education. 

Benefits Of Digitalisation And Technology Shaping India’s Education System

Over the decade, digitalisation has extensively impacted India’s educational system, with newer techniques being implemented. Digital education has the effect of expanding the reach of learning to communities that could otherwise be excluded. It provides scope for personalised and self-directed study and can potentially lead to an enormous transformation in the education sector of India.

Bihar Government To Offer Rs 25,000 to Girls on Passing Intermediate (Class 12) and Rs 50,000 on Graduating

The Bihar government has increased its scholarship amount for girl students. Girls who have completed their graduation will get ₹50,000 and those who completed schooling i.e., class 12 examinations, will receive ₹25,000.

Behind The Scenes of Turn The Bus (Part.2)

Interviewer: We are back with Java Singh and another captivating conversation. Hoping to get to know more about the workings of Turn The Bus as we continue our delightful conservation. 

Behind The Scenes of Turn The Bus ( Part.1)

At Turn The Bus, we are focused on delivering digital education solutions to underserved communities in India.Turn The Bus conveys video and audio-based digital learning solutions to the lower strata of society. Here, in conversation with Java Singh, a content creator, an educator, and an integral part of our organisation. 

Behind The Scene Of Turn The Bus

At Turn The Bus, our primary goal is to deliver digital education solutions to underserved communities in India. Here, we intend to bring forth the hard work, motivation, and planning that goes behind making this organisation a triumph. Here, in conversation with Gagandeep Singh (Co-founder of Turn The Bus India foundation), sharing with us his contributions, personal anecdotes and his role behind Turn The Bus. 

Turn the Bus working towards educating girls in Bihar, India

As the country celebrated its 76th Independence day, we at Turn the Bus were elated to achieve our goal to reach 38,000 Bihar high school students through our learning app.

Photo Blog: Turn the Bus’s Student Enrollment Drive 2022

The picture in focus is from the Enrollment drive - 2021, with the help of the Jeevika team in Bihar we were able to enroll 20,000+ students. With the start of the academic year for BSEB students, we have launched into the Enrollment Drive-2022 with a goal to increase student engagement on the app.

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