"Be The Change You Wish To See In The World" - Mahatma Gandhi

In a digital world anyone anywhere can be a part of the solution

Are you a coder? A smart marketer? A good teacher? Your unique skills and experience can make a difference.
You can do this work from wherever you are in the world on your own schedule.

Code with Us as a Volunteer

Are you a software developer who wants to work with the latest AI/ML tools and create cool new products? Work with our dynamic team of coders and product managers in a vibrant team environment while helping vulnerable populations across the world.


By the way, we love hackathons! We typically participate in hackathons every two months. Moreover, most hackathons are now virtual, so you can join us from anywhere! The atmosphere is electric, and we get an astounding amount of work done in a few hours. here is no better way to get to know a person than to work with them intensely for a while. Contact our Chief Technology Officer at vikram@turnthebus.org.

Teach as a Volunteer

You can teach your favorite subject at your convenience. The recorded lessons will be available on our YouTube channel and our app. Learn how to take your teaching skills online and reach more students effectively.
We are creating the High School curriculum in Hindi for children in the state of Bihar in India. We need folks who believe in the transformative power of teaching, are proficient in Hindi, and can volunteer to teach one chapter of a textbook. Please contact our Chief Learning Officer at java@turnthebus.org.

Other Ways to Engage



Help us grow by donating any amount you like. Donations to our 501 c 3 organization are tax deductible where applicable. Donors who meet a certain threshold will also receive an honorable mention on our website.

Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

Share your ideas and volunteer with us on our projects. If you believe in creating impact through your skils and are willing to devote 8-10 hours a month, we would be privileged to have you join our team as a strategic volunteer.

Join our Giving Circle

Join our Giving Circle

Join our Giving Circle - a peer group of concerned global citizens who are coming together to contribute thoughtfully. Giving Circle members commit to donating a minimum amount of time & money every year.

Why Engage with Us?

While many of us enjoy a great lifestyle, hundreds of millions of people around the world are denied the opportunity to get educated so that they can earn a living wage and improve their lives. Now, with the prevalence of digital technology, we can reach these disadvantaged communities with the right educational tools, in their homes, via  smartphones. Why should the next half billion mobile first internet users use smartphones for entertainment and social media alone? Why not enable them to gain access to vital education that can transform their lives through these devices? 

  • We leverage digital technology to reach the remotest of the world; bridge the gap between the developed and developing world
  • We use regionally nuanced approach with understanding of the local context with a unique model of "For the community by the community" 
  • We follow a beneficiary obsessed approach with free, direct, simple smartphone based access anytime anywhere
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